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  1. I went on my first cattle drive on Aug 24, 2013. I rented one of the horses (Max), we had such a great time. The host and hostess did such a great job getting everything together, such as food, drinks and the horses tacked up. I had a good laugh rounding and herding the calves. They are so funny and cute. I would just like to thank them for doing such an incredible job. To those who have not been on a cattle drive or thinking of going on one. Just go, don’t think. It will be an experience you will never forget. The country side is beautiful and it’s a good way to connect or reconnect with nature. Thanks again for the wonderful weekend.

  2. I’ve been on 2 cattle drives so far here and our group has decided to make it a yearly adventure because it is absolutely fantastic! Best day on horseback that you will find by far!

  3. I have had the pleasure of visiting Riverwood Ranch on multiple occasions and I have never been let down! Such a great atmosphere with such knowledgeable staff! I brought my own horse and couldn’t get over the results I seen throughout the cattle drive! Anybody looking to experience something different with their horse… RIVERWOOD IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

  4. I rode the endurance ride there on July 25/15. Love your ranch and you guys all did such a amazing job helping everyone. I can’t wait to come ride again one day. Again a big THANKS TO YOU ALL

  5. I loved the time I spent on the cattle drives and plan to come out again this year. I’m hoping to do some over nighters at your cabin rentals. I highly recommend Riverwood Ranch 🙂 Cheers

  6. I had the opportunity to participate in a trail ride with Riverwood Ranch in August 2016 whilst visiting from Australia. Bruce & Megan were fantastic hosts, with Megan allowing my family to spend time at the river whilst I rode and Bruce provided my with a fantastic few hours of riding. Happily recommend these guys to anybody looking for a great riding experience.
    PS. Love the new look web page.

  7. Went for a cattle drive today (23rd June 2018) and had an unforgettable time. Definitely the best experience I’ve had in Canada since arriving 6 weeks ago. The horses are beautifully looked after and Toby was so responsive and happy to be out on the trails. Bruce and Megan are awesome hosts, providing lots of great food and hilarious stories. Would love to go again if I’m ever back in Canada 10/10 thank you!!

  8. Your outfitting, horse selection, conversation, general instruction, and friendly company was what put us at ease to enjoy a great 2hr trail ride on the beautiful land you call home. THANK YOU!

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