Horse Boarding

Riverwood Ranch is Pleased to Offer a Variety
of Boarding Options so that You and Your
Horse can Call the Ranch Home! 

Horse board includes new rail and horse braid safe fencing, automatic waters, arena access, locked tack lockers, exclusive access to ranch events and so much more! Both long term and monthly board agreements are available. We provide nothing but exemplary care and dedication when providing the best home for you and your horse. Farrier, vet and dentist available. Specialized programs are also available upon discussion.

Please see the Ranch pricing sheet for more information.



Riverwood Ranch Boarding Pricing Sheet

Pasture Board- $200+ GST per month

  • 25 acres- 50acres summer pasture option (Not available during winter months)
  • Multiple Horses depending on pasture size
  • Riverwood Arena Membership Included
  • One trailer parking space included

Paddock Board- $325 +GST per month

  • Four- six horses per pen. Pens are separated by Mares/Geldings
  • Riverwood Arena Membership Included
  • One trailer parking space included

Private Pen- $475 + GST per month

  • Paddock sized pens
  • Riverwood Arena Membership Included
  • One Trailer Parking
  • Riverwood gears towards Paddock/Pasture Board. Privates pens are only available upon discussion/availability

Stallion Surcharge


Arena Key Fob Deposit- TBD

Horse Blanket Service

  • Blanketing is the responsibility of the OWNER
  • A $2 charge per blanket adjustment will be made if Riverwood Ranch is conducting blanket changes (off or on) upon request of the owner

Farrier Holding

  • Scheduling farrier services is the responsibility of the owner. Horses are welcome to join Riverwood Ranch’s 6-8 week farrier rotation upon request. A $15 handling fee will apply if clients are not there to catch/hold horses for the farrier on Riverwood Ranch Farrier Days

Vet Holding/Non-Emergency Care Cost

  • Dental, routine vet visits, Chiro, massage appointment etc. are the responsibility of the owner. If Riverwood ranch has to schedule/hold for a non-emergent appointment a $15 fee will apply

Additional Trailer Parking

  • All borders are entitled to one free trailer parking spot. Additional trailers will be charged $25 per trailer per month

Specific Feeding Requirements

  • Riverwood Ranch agrees: in addition to normal and reasonable care and handling to maintain the health and well-being of the horse(s). Hay, feed, water, shelter and grade salt will be fed to the horse daily.  Extra mineral/grain/supplements are the responsibility of the OWNER. If the owner packages/organizes/delivers these feeds the STABLE will provide the horse(s) feed, free of charge once a day. Additional daily feedings will be charged $5 per day


Come join the Riverwood Ranch Family. A warm welcoming atmosphere awaits you with access to countless events such as lessons, obstacle courses, trail and friends! 





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