Riverwood Ranch Provides a Range of Equine Experiences for Anyone Looking to Pursue their Passion Surrounding Horses 

Listed is a brief description of some of the events we provide at the Riverwood Ranch. Remember to check out our events page to select a specific event of your liking. We also encourage guests to contact us directly as we often organize private and unique events based on the needs of our customers. Our policy invitation letter is listed here as well to provide more specific details concerning our policies and events. We are committed to making sure that every individual has a unique ranch experience! Give us a call to start organizing your visit. 

Horse Training
Riverwood Ranch takes great pride in providing holistic horse training services that focus on developing trust, loyalty and drive in our trained horses. We offer a variety of training services ranging from colt starting, dealing with problem issues and refresher hours. We ensure that clients are involved within the training process and are kept in the circle on their horses progress. All client horses will be exposed to ranch fundamentals and instilling a solid foundation that can be taken into any discipline. We provide the highest level of care and dedication to our client horses and ensure that every horse and rider combo reaches their goals. Please contact the ranch for specific training schedules and rates per season. 

Riding Lessons
Riverwood Ranch provides a weekly riding lesson program for all ages and levels of riders. We provide both private and group lessons based on the needs of the customer to guarantee individualized instruction and progress. We strive to adapt our practice based on the needs of the individual rider. Our focus is predominately on western horsemanship, however English instruction will be coming soon to the ranch. All of our programs are based on naturalistic ranch based teaching philosophies.  Please contact the ranch for more information and to schedule a lesson.

Trail Rides
Riverwood ranch provides guided trail rides for both the experienced and beginner rider. Organized like a ski-hill, our trails range in difficulty to ensure all riders can find a suitable, challenging and fun filled ride throughout some of the most beautiful scenery Alberta has to offer. Riverwood ranch provides the option for guests to rent a horse or bring their own horse to the ranch. This is a great opportunity for guests who are looking for new scenery or people to ride with. Private or group trails rides can be organized! An experienced wrangler will also accompany all events at Riverwood to ensure your safety and comfort. All of our staff members are experienced in horsemanship, outdoor navigation and communications training. Hourly or daily excursions can be arranged. We promise our guests that we are not like any other trail ride business! We work hard to not be a “head to tail operation” to ensure that our guests can fully enjoy the love and relaxation of trail riding. 

Cattle Drives
Arguably our most popular event, Riverwood Ranch provides guests an opportunity to participate in a full day cattle roundup in order to learn more about the western art of moving and handling cattle.  This full day adventure includes hands on instruction and practice in cattle handling. Riverwood provides the option for guests to rent a ranch horse or bring their own horse to gain cattle exposure. Riverwood ranch has multiple wranglers that accompany the ride to ensure that assistance is provided if you are unsure about how your horse will handle the event. Our goal is for all riders to learn and appreciate this dying art. We also provide all meals throughout the day so that your only concern is enjoying the day and ensuring the cattle make it home! The cattle drive days are a fantastic way to learn something new, meet new people and gain an experience that will help improve the bond you share with your horse! All cattle drives are based upon the needs of the ranching operation, so no two cattle drives are alike! Saddle up for the adventure as this isn’t a staged “city slicker” cattle drive! 

Obstacle Course
If you are looking for a new horsemanship challenge or a way to desensitize your horse, then look no further than our obstacle play days and competitions! Riverwood ranch is a proud partner with the Canadian Cowboy Challenge where we provide both obstacle playdays, clinics and competitions. We have two challenging, yet fun courses on site that contain over 40 obstacles. At every play day there is an opportunity for riders to try a variety of challenges and obstacles that will test your overall horsemanship. We believe that the ultimate way to gain a partnership with your horse is to try new experiences. Riders and horses of all ages and skill levels are welcome to attend! No previous experience is required. The day has a relaxing tone where all riders can come try the obstacles at their own pace! With our knowledgeable and patient staff on hand, we can assist riders attempting new goals and challenges! If you are looking to compete, please join our clinics and competitions and utilize our coaches expertise as a Canadian Cowboy Challenge judge. 

Campsite Information
Riverwood Ranch is pleased to provide a cozy campsite option so that guests can join multiple events and relax within the countryside overnight. We provide camping stalls for tents, Rv’s and horse trailer accommodations. Riverwood Ranch also has one cabin available for rent if camping is not your style. Complimentary horse stalls are provided upon reservation and our camping fee includes fire pits, outhouses and free firewood. Unfortunately, no hook-ups are available at this time. Make your visit at Riverwood a weekend and enjoy friendly company, beautiful views and an escape from your busy work life! Campfire socials are a staple in this neck of the woods. 

For a more detailed explanation of our events please read the following link: 2020 Policy Invitation Letter Please contact the ranch directly if you are looking to create a personalized event. 

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