Equine Clinics

Equine Clinics at Riverwood Ranch 

Riverwood Ranch has a lifelong goal in promoting educational horsemanship to all riders regardless of age and or experience. We believe that the path to greater horsemanship is one that is ongoing and forever growing. The ranch is fortunate to be home to an 80×200 indoor riding arena, over 3000 acres of trail and river country as well as the fact that we have amble room in our campsite for hosting both campers and horses overnight. Please see the Riverwood Ranch Schedule Page  for an upcoming list of scheduled clinics. If you are interested in organizing a specific clinic at the ranch or have want to utilize the facility for a clinician of your own choosing, please do not hesitate to contact the ranch.

Sample Equine Clinic Topics Covered at the Ranch

  • General Horsemanship
  • Colt Starting
  • Canadian Cowboy Challenge Obstacle Work 
  • Cattle Handling 
  • Ranch Roping 
  • Equine First Aid Safety
  • Photography and Western Ladies Retreats 
  • Farm Week Safety Course for Children
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