Horse Training

Riverwood Ranch takes great pride in providing holistic horse training services that focus on developing trust, loyalty and drive in our trained horses. We offer a variety of training services ranging from colt starting, dealing with problem issues and refresher hours. We ensure that clients are involved within the training process and are kept involved within their horses training journey.  All client horses will be exposed to ranch fundamentals while working to install a solid foundation that can be transferred into any discipline. We provide the highest level of care and dedication to our client horses and work hard to ensure that every horse and rider combo reaches their goals.



Meet the Trainer: Megan Greenwood
Megan’s passion, determination and love concerning the equine and ranching industry plays a paramount role in making her a unique and approachable trainer. Megan is a third generation, part owner of Riverwood Ranch and now manages the equine sector of the ranch which includes training, teaching riding lessons and being a judge for the Canadian Cowboy Challenge Association. Megan is also a graduate of the University of Alberta with honours of distinction in Education and Human Ecology. Her experiences in teaching and public leadership give her a unique advantage in teaching clients how to respond to their horses during and after training. Her entire life revolves around horses. Megan’s riding career started at the early age of four and has since developed throughout years of cattle handling, competitive showing and training horses for the ranch. At the very focal point, Megan’s goal is to give every client horse the cues, instruction and patience they deserve to develop into the best version they can be. Her goal is to create foundations that stick with the horse, no matter what the circumstance.



“Good horsemanship means Trust and Consistency. Horses need to know that the right thing is easy and the wrong thing is hard. Your relationship with your horse should be as strong as it is with your better half… heck maybe a little stronger”- Megan Greenwood



What’s Different About Our Training Program 

  • Focused Attention 

We book limited horse training spots at any given time to ensure your horse gets the time they need. We run max 3-4 training spots at a time to guarantee your horse gets the hours they deserve.

  • Daily Logs 

We are committed to tracking daily progress reports of your horse. This is to ensure that clients can be involved in every step of the training journey

  • Exposure 

We specialize in giving your horse a well rounded education. Ride time not only involves the arena, but work on the trail, through the cattle, obstacle courses and whatever else the ranch has in store 

  • Goal Charts 

We make a solid effort to create individual goal charts for each horse and rider combo, so that clients can stay on track and understand how to reach their individual goals. We individually tailor all of our programs to best suit the goals and needs of each one of our clients. 


 Please contact the ranch for specific availability, prices and to discuss your horse training goals. 


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