Obstacle Courses

Riverwood Ranch Obstacle Courses 

Have you ever wished your horse could be “bomb proof”… Are you looking for a new opportunity with your horse… Are you looking for a new horsemanship challenge…
Then come visit our obstacles courses at Riverwood Ranch


Riverwood Ranch is proud offer guests an opportunity to improve their overall horsemanship on one of our three state of the art obstacle courses. With both indoor and outdoor courses to choose from, the ranch has over 50 obstacles available for those riders looking for an ultimate way to test the trust and bond developed with your horse. We believe that the ultimate way to gain a partnership with your horse is to try new experiences. The obstacles provide an opportunity to apply principles of desensitization while teaching your horse patience and trust. We are confident that these courses will help strengthen the bond you share with your trusted companion. Onsite trainer, Megan Greenwood is a certified Canadian Cowboy Challenge Judge who is passionate about teaching and helping other riders reach their obstacle goals.  Riders may come enjoy the course in a variety of ways.


Ways to Enjoy Riverwood Ranch’s Obstacle Courses

  • Join a scheduled Playday
  • Book an obstacle lesson with a Certified Canadian Cowboy Challenge Judge
  • Register for a Cowboy Challenge competition or Clinic
  • Book a private obstacle day for you and your friends 



Riders and horses of all ages and skill levels are welcome to attend! No previous experience is required. With our knowledgeable and patient staff on hand, we can assist riders attempting new goals and challenges!  Please reach out to the ranch to book a private event or lesson or check out our Ranch Schedule page to see when the next playday or competition is scheduled.


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