Trail Rides

COVID UPDATE: Unfortunately, TRAIL RIDES and CATTLE DRIVES are CANCELLED for the remainder of the 2023 season.

Join us at Riverwood Ranch for an unforgettable day of trail riding on the slopes of the Pembina Valley and through the gorgeous fields and forests of the ranch. Riverwood provides guided trail rides that can be tailored to your individual riding ability and experience. All of our trail rides are guided by an experienced wrangler for your safety and convenience. With trails designed like a ski-hill, we are sure to provide safe trails for beginners and challenging and exciting trails for experienced riders. Private or group trail rides are also available upon request. The ranch even provides horse rentals or the chance for you to bring your own horse if you are looking for somewhere new to ride! 



“Riverwood Ranch does not provide an average trail ride! You can select your own level of difficulty and the trails are beyond beautiful!”

Trail Ride Logistics & Pricing

  • If you are looking to rent a Riverwood Ranch horse, pricing is $50/hr./per person. for a minimum two-hour ride.
  • If you are looking to bring your own horses to Riverwood Ranch the pricing is as followed:

a) 1-6 people: $50/hr. Flat Wrangler Fee divided between participants
b) 7-12 people: $100/hr. Flat Wrangler Fee divided between participants
c) Over 13 people: $150/hr. Flat Wrangler Fee divided between participants

  • For participants between the ages of six-fourteen, a private event may be organized. All participants aged six-ten must be ponied by a designated Riverwood Ranch wrangler at all times and will only be able to join scheduled private events. No trail ride events are available for participants under the age of six.




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