Cattle Drives

COVID UPDATE: Unfortunately, TRAIL RIDES and CATTLE DRIVES are CANCELLED for the remainder of the 2023 season. 


“Lets Bring Them’ Cattle Home”

Here at Riverwood, we continue to uphold the western ideologies of ranching by running over 1000 head of cattle by horseback. There really isn’t a better feeling, then pushing cattle through the forest or out on the open range. We welcome all levels of riders to join us at the ranch for an adventure cattle drive! Rent a horse, or bring your own to learn the skillset of handling cattle via horseback!


Our monthly cattle drives are open to riders of all levels of experience to join in and learn the skillset of handling cattle.  Throughout the day, riders will get a chance to participate in cattle roundups and trail riding in order to learn more about the western art of moving cows. This approximate seven-hour day, includes lunch, supper and snacks. All riders must be fourteen years of age in order to participate. The cattle round ups are a great way to meet new people, bond with your horse and learn something new about the ranch way of life. Cattle Drives are also an excellent way to get your own horse used to cattle in a open setting. If you have ever dreamed of pushing cattle, Riverwood is the place for you! 


Give the ranch a call to get yourself booked in for an adventure cattle drive! 




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