Indoor Arena Schedule

The Indoor Arena is Open 8am-10pm: 7 Days a week 

The Indoor Arena is open to community members 7 days a week, 8am-10pm as long as it does not interfere with a Riverwood Ranch scheduled event. Scheduling for Lessons and horse training take priority. Boarders and community members are welcome to book a time slot in the arena after they have checked availability. Please verify current COVID regulations when making your booking.

How the Schedule Works

  • Find a Time slot available that doesn’t have a Private booking (No Public Use)/Riverwood Ranch Private Lesson Sticker attached. Lessons that have no “PRIVATE” sticker attached are welcome to haul in’s riding during their lesson. However all riders must yield to the students if riding during these time slots.
  • Text or call 1 780 996 8070 to book your time. NO ONLINE BOOKINGS

Lessons/Bookings are subject to change, so please stay updated with the calendar and call/text ahead to book your lessons and ride time (1780 996 8070)

More information on Speciality Events will be listed under the Ranch Schedule Tab
(Obstacle Playdays, Series, Gymkhana, Clinics)


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