Indoor Arena Schedule

The Indoor Arena is Open 8am-10pm: 7 Days a week 

Due to Current Covid Regulations, all riding lessons have been suspended until further notice. No instructing or group events are permitted at this time. Haul In’s and use of the arena is permitted up to a MAXIMUM of 6 riders in at one time with a MAXIMUM of 4 riders allowed in the Tie/Saddle area at one time. Please view the schedule below to see what ride times are available.

How the Schedule Works

  • Find a Time slot available that doesn’t have a Private booking (No Public Use) or time slot that does not have a 6 Rider sticker attached
  • Text or call 1 780 996 8070 to book your time.
    Ex. If a time slot says- 2 Riders —- 4 more riders can still book within that period (MAX 6 Riders)

Lessons/Bookings are subject to change, so please stay updated with the calendar and call/text ahead to book your lessons and ride time (1780 996 8070)

More information on Speciality Events will be listed under the Ranch Schedule Tab
(Obstacle Playdays, Series, Gymkhana, Clinics)


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