September 5, Obstacle Play Day & Jack Pot

Obstacle Play Day and Jack Pot: September 5th 
Desensitization Training= Success and Trust  

Have you ever wished your horse could be “bomb proof”… Are you looking for a new opportunity with your horse… Are you looking for a new horsemanship challenge… Then come visit a obstacle fun day at Riverwood Ranch!

At every play day there is an opportunity for riders to try a variety of challenges and obstacles that will test your overall horsemanship. We believe that the ultimate way to gain a partnership with your horse is to try new experiences. The obstacles provide an opportunity to apply principles of desensitization while teaching your horse patience and trust. We are confident that this open clinic will help strengthen the bond you share with your trusted companion. Riders and horses of all ages and skill levels are welcome to attend! No previous experience is required. The day has a relaxing tone where all riders can come try the obstacles at their own pace! With our knowledgeable and patient staff on hand, we can assist riders attempting new goals and challenges!

How the Playday Works
– Hours of Operation: 10am-5pm
– Cost: $25 per HORSE (Riders are encouraged to bring multiple Mounts
– Open Door Policy: in order to allow riders to work at their own pace, riders may leave and return to the course at any time once their entry fee has been paid
– Man Made and trail obstacles available. Course is grass and outdoors unless extreme bad weather and then obstacles will be moved indoors (regulations and scheduling will then apply)
No pre-registration required. Register upon arrival. First come first serve basis. If the course becomes too busy, riders will be organized into heats. There will be an ettiquete waiting system in place. Waiting riders will be asked to wait until a spot becomes available. Covid restrictions apply. NEW RULE: 15 Riders on the course at one time. Waiting etiquette system will be used.
– Wranglers available on site at any time to assist riders reaching new goals
-Camping available

Jackpot/Camping and Cowboy Social-September 5 2020- 6pm

The fun doesn’t stop after the playday!!!!! Riders are encouraged to join in on our jackpot social on Saturday night! Riders simply pay $10 bucks for the chance to take all the money home! A variety of fun classes will be organized including a speed race and partner challenge to complete an obstacle relay with your partner! Simply show up at the course at 6pm and be prepared to show off all your hard work at the playday! After the jackpot, let the campfire social begin!!!! Free camping is provided for the weekend and guests are encouraged to stay for the full weekend of fun! Outhouses provided with free firewood. No power hookups but plenty of room for trailers and tents. Please RSVP for CAMPING! Limited horse pens available (rsvp for pens). Electric fence and free standing horse panels will be permitted in designated areas upon approval. Contact the ranch for reservations.

Covid-19 Restrictions
-Please do not visit the ranch if you have a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, or shortness of breath. Please do not visit the ranch if you have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days or if you have been in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.
-When parking trailers and vehicles please maintain 10m between each trailer or unit and practice social distancing between all other members.
-Masks are optional. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available upon arrival. Guests will be asked to sanitize before entering the course.
-Spectators and guests will be asked to social distance while watching. Bringing your own lawn chair is encouraged
– Guests may be asked to wait upon entering the course depending on the number of participants arriving at one time. Please be patient and follow the instructions of the wranglers when arriving.


Please don’t hesitate to contact the ranch with any questions or concerns regarding the Obstacle Fun Days!


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